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We offer businesses detailed, impartial and expert advice on electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, fleet management, air quality and much more, supporting your operations transition to an efficient, low carbon future.


Fleet Management

As the UK plans for a net zero carbon future, we’re working with a wide range of organisations, helping them understand the possible impacts on their operations. By completing an expert assessment of your vehicle fleet and sustainable business transport processes, we can help you meet current and future regulatory requirements, reduce your transportation costs, improve your environmental credentials and unlock environmental benefits.

Electric Vehicles (EVs)

With lower running costs, and improving model choice, switching to electric vehicles is an attractive option for businesses, particularly for those operating in and around air quality management areas. We can help your business make the switch through analysis of your fleet, identification of alternatives and estimating the financial and carbon savings you could make.

Charging Infrastructure

Installing suitable charging infrastructure is essential to ensure that EVs fully meet a business’ operational needs. We can assess your site, offering a comprehensive overview of charging infrastructure technologies, what to consider and help identify options for connecting to the electrical grid.

Air Quality

As many major cities announce accelerated plans to reduce air pollution, new low emission, ultra-low emission and clean air zones are being introduced. We can review your business’ existing transport and help you green your fleet, looking at options to lower emissions and cut long-term costs through the adoption of Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs) and compliance with Clean Air Zones.

Holistic Approach

Energy Saving Trust have multiple specialist teams, each with expertise in transport, building, heat and water efficiency technologies. Delivering a net-zero carbon future requires a holistic, whole systems approach. We’ll work flexibly with your organisation across multiple areas of energy efficiency and energy technology, ensuring that you receive impartial, well balanced advice that fully meets your needs.

Partnership Opportunities

If you’re an organisation with a new low carbon transport technology or service that is designed to reduce emissions and improve air quality, we’d love to hear about it. We can independently verify energy efficiency products and services, issuing a verification statement and brand mark licence to help your business evidence it’s environmental credentials.


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