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Navigating complex energy communications, operations and technical challenges can be difficult. We can help you with strategy and expert advice to achieve your aspirations and meet your customer needs.

The Datamatch service enables businesses involved in delivery of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) to efficiently check customer eligibility against the ECO3 qualifying benefits criteria, without having to view and store customers’ benefit letters.

This reduces the level of sharing of private and confidential information, speeds up the application process and reduces the overall cost of delivering ECO .

The service covers England, Wales and Scotland. 

We also operate a HM Land Registry check which businesses (in England and Wales) can access via the Datamatch service. Previously customers would manually check property ownership directly through the Land Registry. We can now perform this check for them, at just £1.53 (excl VAT) per record. 

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We are thought leaders in the domestic energy sector, working closely with the UK and devolved governments, international policy-makers and industry and academic institutions. This expertise allows us to provide all our clients with detailed context and robust analysis to inform and strengthen their business strategies.

Our comprehensive energy planning service enables those developing our towns, cities and regions to transition to smart energy systems and plan their future energy supply.

Home Analytics is a unique data-led service that provides predictions of property and energy efficiency characteristics for all 27 million households across Great Britain. Modelled across multiple data sets, we are able to pinpoint the most suitable homes for your products and services. Find out more about Home Analytics here

Determining the impact of any given project is vital. For this, you need accurate metrics. We provide a complete service, from developing robust methodologies to implementation and reporting. We have extensive experience here, across Government, European and private sector energy efficiency and transport projects.

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