Product Certification
Trusted endorsement and verification

With over 25 years’ experience providing energy efficiency advice to consumers, let us help you increase the reach and visibility of your goods as certified products.

What is Product Certification?

Communication using energy saving messages is increasingly used to demonstrate added-value to consumers and make your products stand out from others in the market.  As consumers become more aware of their environmental impact, highlighting the energy efficiency and performance of your products is often key to engaging both new and existing customers. 

Our Product Certification services can enhance the credibility and validity of your energy efficiency product(s). With many years’ experience certifying a wide range of products and detailed knowledge of product standard setting, related policy and regulations, we can ensure that the performance and claims associated with your products meet industry standards. 

How can Energy Saving Trust help?

As a Product Certification client your products will bear our stamp of approval - trusted by consumers and recognised for impartial and reliable advice. The use of our brand marks provides independent assurance about the performance and claims associated with your energy saving products.

Certified products are also showcased on the EST Register - our online database of Endorsed and Verified products - providing you with a platform to reach more customers and supply chain. Visit the EST Register here

Verification of claims

Based on robust testing, we check and verify energy claims made about products of all kinds. We can develop and support performance claims associated with your product, helping you win the trust of consumers and highlighting your commitment to sustainability. 

Find out more about EST Verified here.

Endorsement of productsendorsed and verified

From energy efficient windows and insulation, to the latest innovations in heat technology; if it meets our high energy performance standards, we’ll endorse it. Our endorsement helps clients win consumer trust and inspires confidence in the decisions they make. 

Find out more about EST Endorsed here.


Why Choose Energy Saving Trust?

  • Build trust and confidence in your products amongst consumers
  • Widen distribution and increase sales
  • Differentiate your product(s) from others in the market
  • Accreditation from a trusted and recognised source
  • Feature on the EST Register – online directory of energy efficient products with over 140,000 page views in 2017

We’ve worked with a number of household names and organisations over the years, with extensive experience certifying products across a wide range of product sectors including heating, insulation, glazing, lighting, home appliances. Read our case studies below to find out how Energy Saving Trust helped two leading brands.

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