Premium Light Pro 'Switch the Lights' returns: Practical support to upgrade non-domestic lighting

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The Premium Light Pro Project, run in the UK by Energy Saving Trust, aims to accelerate the move to more efficient lighting in the non-domestic sector. The Horizon 2020 funded project helps businesses access the maximum energy and carbon savings potential from moving to efficient lighting.

Free Premium Light Pro training workshops for retailers and SMEs

There has never been a better time to upgrade to LED lighting. Ensuring quality in products and installation is key to delivering energy savings but not all lighting products are created equal. When done well, LED lighting can provide a quick return on investment and in some cases, pay back in under 3 years. However, The Grocer magazine’s highly successful 2016 ‘Switch the Lights’ campaign found that 71% of independent retailers were put off by the upfront cost.

After the success of ‘Switch the Lights’, Premium Light Pro is delighted to support a second round of the campaign, in partnership with the Green Construction Board and the Lighting Industry Academy (LIA). The project will host a series of regional workshops to provide support to retailers and small businesses interested in upgrading the lighting in their premises.

Starting with a business breakfast, the half-day sessions will outline the support and resources available, including a guidance brochure explaining technical lighting terms, quality checks plus design and procurement criteria that can be used in tenders. We’ll also cover some of the funding options available to businesses.

Current confirmed dates and locations are as follows:

The workshops will also include a short classroom session with an expert trainer from the LIA to give attendees tailored information about the right lighting for their business. Some training sessions will include demonstrations, bringing to life the benefits of high-quality products and showing how controls can add to the savings.

Energy saving opportunities

Upgrading to LED lighting systems does more than offer improved efficiency. It also offers flexibility with colours, potentially creating a more vivid display than with older fluorescent lighting, to enhance your store or office environment. At the same time, the right design is essential to ensure lights are located correctly for task work or emphasis within the space.

Data from British Gas in 2012 found that 46% of the energy consumed by SMEs happens outside office hours, after staff have gone home.  Lighting controls can help reduce costs from fittings that don’t need to be on all the time.

Over the last few years, more and more companies have made the switch to LEDs. One example is the upgrade conducted by Clickers Archery through the Business Energy Efficiency Anglia programme. The Norwich-based sports retailer installed LED panels to replace fluorescent fittings across their retail space, warehouse and lobby, which reduced their electricity usage by nearly 2,000 kWh per year. This reduction enabled a payback period of just over 3 years against the upfront upgrade cost of £875.

If you are considering a lighting upgrade in your store or business premises, our free regional workshops can help. For more information on Premium Light Pro or to register to attend one of our workshops, visit the Premium Light Pro site.