Access extensive data on quality, efficient lighting products through Premium Light Pro’s product database

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Lighting is one of the most cost-effective upgrade measures in commercial and public buildings and usually one of the easiest to install.  However, only specifying the lowest cost LED products, without properly considering quality and energy-efficiency, may result in installations requiring more maintenance than expected, early replacement, and a failure to achieve the expected payback time of projects.

The Premium Light Pro project has set procurement criteria for LED lighting, looking at efficiency levels, lifetime, the experience of installers, and colour rendering, to name but a few.  These criteria are reflected in the project’s product database – recently launched in association with Lumispec, a design and product listings platform.

We’ve designed the database for people involved in procurement, but it also provides a useful resource for energy assessors, as well as installers and distributors looking to stock a suitably efficient product range.  Central to the Lumispec interface, is the internationally adopted European Technical Information Model (ETIM) standard, allowing consistency of data reporting for easier comparison, and translation into multiple languages.

Between 2016 and 2017, the market share of LED lighting increased significantly, reaching 40% in 2018.  Figures show not only an increase in take-up of LED, but also a strong improvement in product performance: the market average LED saw a 45% efficiency improvement between 2010 and 2018.  

Stewart Muir, Project Manager at Energy Saving Trust commented: “We have heard plenty of examples of lighting projects where the decision on product selection takes the path of least resistance and achieving the lowest cost is the main driver.  This database aims to make it easy for installers, energy managers and assessors to be able to suggest or specify a quality product, with high efficiency.  If you are having lighting installed for your organisation, the database gives a great reference point for your tendering process.”

Premium Light Pro database