Inspire your customers with the most up to date and engaging energy communications.

Quickly support your customers and employees with trusted home energy saving facts. With both employees and customers now working from home in order to stay safe during the lockdown, they are likely to see an increase in their energy bills. You can easily help support the well-being of your home workers and customers at home by reducing their anxiety about increased energy bills and provide them with verified and relevant energy saving facts and tips that can be implemented at home.

What is InFact?

InFact is our unique knowledge resource that puts energy saving data and insights at your fingertips with an easy-to-use savings and statistics bulletin. By subscribing to InFact, you get instant access to up-to-date, consumer-ready energy saving facts and verified data for you to use in your own consumer communications.

What are the features? 

  • Up-to-date, consumer-ready energy saving facts, figures and data for you to use in your own consumer communications

  • Bespoke consultancy to support your energy efficiency communications and engagement strategies

  • A rich combination of insights, including policy insights and key aspects of household energy use

  • Access to new research from the UK's leading energy experts

  • Quality assurance of consumer communications with our 'Verified by Energy Saving Trust' logo


How can InFact help my business?

InFact offers you the latest data and insights to give your business the edge when engaging with your audience. Our expert content provides you with ready-made messaging that can easily and conveniently be used to authenticate your campaigns and communications. Our consultancy services offer you the flexibility of having experts on hand to provide bespoke content and support for your campaigns, as required.

The InFact service can be tailored to your needs enabling you to select from a menu of service options, including behavioural factsheets, consultancy and related energy advice training.

We also have a simple and effective Factsheet available to help you provide your workforce and customers, with a keen focus on a range of relevant home-based behavioural and low to no cost energy saving advice, facts and figures.

Looking for something even more in-depth? With InFact Plus, as part of a consultancy subscription service, you will have the benefit of our off-the-shelf savings and statistics, teamed with experts on hand to support bespoke requirements. Consultancy services can include:

  • Creation of original content for training, consumer communications or installer support materials
  • Verification and quality control for the communications you develop in-house
  • Advice on how to ensure messaging is compelling and targeted to specific audiences
  • Content designed for multi-channels including digital, social media and literature/print 
  • Bespoke savings and energy use figures for different housing types
  • Independent evaluation of approaches of materials 
  • A critical sounding board for new concepts or strategies
  • High quality infographics that will bring stories to life across different channels
  • A rich combination of insights combining policy and insights into household energy use

In addition, you have the option to licence the use of the 'verified by Energy Saving Trust' brandmark on any verified marketing featuring Energy Saving Trust's facts and figures to highlight that it has been supplied and approved by us.

The impact of COVID-19 has heightened the vulnerability of energy consumers across the UK. If you’re looking to upskill your staff to provide high quality energy advice with endorsed training from Energy Saving Trust, our trusted 'Giving Good Energy Advice' training solutions have been adapted to cater for businesses wishing to support their customers during this difficult time. Our market leading knowledge and expertise means we can provide the training and quality assurance to help your advisors support customers that are working from home or self-isolating with behavioural, low and no cost savings advice, debt management and signposting to other services and support.

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At Energy Saving Trust we make it our business to understand how consumers use energy, leveraging over 25 years’ experience of motivating action and inspiring behaviour change. We continually update our facts and figures, and develop new insights into energy use, attitudes and behaviours, backed up by authoritative research, evidence and compelling analysis. By using InFact, you'll be able to quickly and conveniently create tailored internal and external energy-saving information campaigns with its ready-made messaging.

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