Unique insights into how consumers use energy


What is Infact?

At Energy Saving Trust we make it our business to understand how consumers use energy, leveraging 25 years’ experience of motivating action and inspiring behaviour change. We continually update our facts and figures, and develop new insights into energy use, attitudes and behaviours, backed up by authoritative research, evidence and compelling analysis.

Our unique knowledge resource is now available to you and your audiences through our market-leading Infact service providing you with the latest energy saving data and insights at your fingertips.

What are the features? 

We can provide your business with the latest energy saving facts, figures and data which you can use in your business’s consumer communications. 

The Infact service can be tailored to your needs enabling you to select from a menu of service options:

  • Up-to-date, consumer-ready energy saving facts, figures and data for you to use in your own consumer communications

  • Exclusive access to new research from the UK’s leading energy experts

  • A rich combination of insights, including policy insights and key aspects of household energy use

  • Bespoke consultancy and campaigns

  • High quality infographics that will bring stories to life across different channels

  • Ideas for engaging social media content

How can Infact help my business?

Infact offers you the latest data and insights to give your business the edge when engaging with your audience. Our regular, expert content provides you with ready-made messaging that can easily and conveniently be used to authenticate your campaigns and communications.

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