Understanding Housing Stock Characteristics

Top 5 Benefits for Local Authorities and Housing Associations 


1. Savings in time and financial resource

As we all know, budgets are tight and resource needs to used as efficiently as possible. Money wasted on ineffective interventions can be a costly distraction from other initiatives. So, by fully understanding your local housing stock you’ll be able to plan your investment strategy far more effectively.

2. Supporting those who need it most

Helping those who are in likely to be in fuel poverty is a complex challenge. Understanding the financial difficulties a person has, along with the actual energy efficiency characteristics of their home, will allow you to follow a path of tailored action and intervention.

3. Improving SAP scores towards MEES targets

Without visiting every single home under your watch, it is difficult to fully understand the energy efficiency characteristics of each and every home. However, known data about these properties can get you as close to that as possible. By understanding the weaknesses in the housing stock, you can plan for energy efficiency upgrades to each home that needs it. This will be the quickest way to improve your housing stock in the pursuit of the MEES targets.

4. Resident engagement

A simple premise – if you understand the challenges that residents face in their homes, you’ll be able to better engage with them on issues such as energy use. You can also begin a programme of education on the benefits of changing energy use behaviour.

5. Future planning

By having a clear overview of the property characteristics in your housing stock, you’ll be able to strategise about medium to long term upgrades and interventions more effectively. The data will serve as the foundations for making robust financial and environmental decisions for the improvement to your local region.

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