Understanding Housing Stock Characteristics

Top 5 Benefits for Businesses within the Energy Industry


1. Focused targeting for your services

If you are a business that has an energy saving product or service, then finding the right properties for your solution is half the battle. Once you uncover which houses are most suitable for your service, you’ll be able to channel your targeting to the people who need it most.

2. Save time and money

Spending time on trying to identify your perfect market is costly, both in terms of your budget and resources. By understanding the characteristics of the housing stock in your target areas, you’ll be able to cut out this unnecessary expense and focus on things that do make you money.

3. Customer engagement and loyalty

In a hugely competitive world, giving great customer service is what helps you stand out. If you can understand the customer’s environment better, then you can provide a more tailored and personal service. Personalised solutions for customers will encourage long term loyalty.

4. Future planning

For aspiring businesses, planning for the future can seem like a step into the unknown. By uncovering local or national housing stock characteristics, you’ll be able to further strategise about new products & services and target areas to help your business grow.

5. More sales, more impact

An example; if you know that a home does not have wall insulation, and would benefit on their energy bills by having it, then you can tailor an engagement plan with that householder. Not only do you increase your chance of a sale, but you also genuinely have a positive impact on that person’s situation.

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