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Our unrivalled housing stock data service

What is Home Analytics?

Home Analytics is a unique data service that can identify property and energy efficiency characteristics for every home in Great Britain. Finding the most suitable homes for your product or service can be a huge strain on time and resources. Home Analytics is the quickest and most efficient way to fully understand a particular housing stock, enabling you to pinpoint your strategies to a level that would simply not be possible without it.

What are the features? 

  • Provides unrivalled insights - modelled across multiple data sets that have been rigorously updated for close to a decade 
  • Fully flexible solution that can deliver property characteristics from specific address level detail to the whole of Great Britain, pre-filtered to suit your business objectives and targets 
  • Ability to model characteristics such as wall type, main fuel supply, boiler type, suitability for renewable energy solutions, property tenure & age, fuel poverty indicators and more

How can Home Analytics help my business? 

Home Analytics focuses your targeting strategies to ensure that you reach the most suitable householders with your energy saving products or services. Visibility of key housing stock characteristics can accelerate your new business acquisition strategies, maximise return on your investment and get crucial help and support to those who need it most.

Energy Saving Trust also provides a range of tailored and trusted additional services that can increase your chances of success with householder engagement – including facts and statistics for your marketing campaigns and communications, training for staff giving energy advice or verifying your product performance.

To find out more about how Home Analytics can help you, read our Top 5 Benefits of Understanding Housing Stock Characteristics:

  • For businesses in the energy industry such as manufacturers or installers, click here.
  • For local authorities and housing associations, click here.


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