Energy Efficiency Advice Tool
Guiding your Smart Meter installers with energy saving advice

What is the Energy Efficiency Advice Tool?

The provision of tailored energy efficiency guidance during the smart meter installation process is now a critical requirement of the Smart Meter Installation Code of Practise (SMICoP). Energy Saving Trust has developed a unique energy advice mobile application in response to this new requirement, to assist smart meter installers and energy suppliers to provide tailored energy saving advice at the point of meter installation.

This recording covers:

  • A demonstration of the app and how it works
  • How the App meets the requirements of SMICoP
  • Reporting functionality and data collection features
  • Pricing

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How can the Energy Efficiency Advice Tool help my business?

Energy Saving Trust recognises the challenges associated with providing every household with tailored advice and the impact it can have on both time and resources. This innovative app aims to tackle this by:

  • Ensuring consistency and quality control across your workforce
  • Eliminating the requirement for in-depth engineer training
  • Reducing the time allocated to the installation process
  • Aiding customer recall through the provision of relevant, memorable advice

What are the features?

  • Offline app compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Prioritisation of low and no-cost energy saving advice
  • Unique user interface relevant to the smart meter installation process
  • Supplier portal to retrieve customer data (for future support services)
  • Advice report emailed to customers to improve effectiveness and recall
  • Energy Saving Trust powered data ensures savings figures are accurate and up to date

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The app will be available for purchase from December 2018. Read our guide for more information on the app and how it works, or get in touch below.


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