Dynamic Engine

The Dynamic Engine is Energy Saving Trust’s market leading interactive calculation engine that can power a range of energy and water saving advice digital tools and off-line apps.

What is the Dynamic Engine?

The advancements of technology are transforming how businesses engage with their customers. A business that embraces digital tools to meet the needs of their audience is more likely to see an increase in customer engagement, retention and new clientele.

We developed the Dynamic Engine to help consumers understand their energy use, reduce consumption and receive actionable recommendations for routes to improving the energy efficiency of their home. This high-power building model is able to simulate individual properties, running millions of scenarios a second to identify a package of optimum, cost effective energy efficiency improvements and renewable investment solutions.

For businesses, the Dynamic Engine provides practical and tailored customer engagement, advice and lead generation opportunities based on our authoritative and trusted advice.

How does it work?

The engine works by asking a few questions about the owner’s home, then uses Energy Saving Trust’s extensive reference data to fill in the gaps where the exact size, characteristics or details of the property are missing to provide flexibility and accessibility. It also models all possible combinations to accurately configure how multiple interventions affect the overall performance of a property to provide an understanding of where the most effective improvements can be made.


Dynamic Engine - Step 1
Dynamic Engine - Final Report


How can the Dynamic Engine help your business?

As awareness about energy use increases, providing accurate and tailored advice to customers adds value to your service(s) and encourages them to take action. Data collected using the Dynamic Engine provides invaluable consumer insight, allowing your business to tailor its products, service and customer interactions.

This customer engagement solution provides customers with an end-to-end experience, outlining the best long-term cost or carbon savings for their individual budget not based on averages, but based on the characteristics of their own home.

The outputs can be modelled SAP rating/EPC rating; energy, money and carbon savings and suitability for renewables so the software can be customised to meet your business objectives, whatever they may be.

Who is the Dynamic Engine for?

  • Manufacturers
  • Energy Suppliers
  • Local Authorities and Housing Associations
  • Financial Services
  • Housing Estate Agents
  • Renewables Companies
  • Customer Advisors

Key features:

  • Tailored energy saving advice and savings figures from just a handful of customer inputs
  • Practical customer engagement and lead generation software package for your business – available as an integrated digital tool for your website or offered as an API
  • Bespoke – the interface can be customised to create a user experience that is unique to your business
  • Aligned with Government SAP approved assessment methodology which is combined with Energy Saving Trust’s market-leading consumer data and research
  • Access to a secure portal to retrieve customer data and analytics for future support services Quality assured data powered by Energy Saving Trust ensures figures are accurate and up to date


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