Climate Emergency Planning
Responding with a Local Energy Plan

There has been an unparalleled increase in the number of local authorities declaring a climate emergency and making a commitment to take urgent action to cut carbon emissions.

What is the challenge?

Some councils have a defined aspiration and a clear idea of their goals to work towards net zero carbon emissions, while others are just beginning their journey, but for many local authorities, the development of a credible and deliverable carbon reduction programme will be both challenging and complex. What they all have in common is the ambition to help mitigate the effects and impacts of climate change for residents, communities, businesses and stakeholders.

How can Energy Saving Trust help?

Our approach involves developing a bespoke Climate Emergency Local Energy Plan that takes and integrated and long-term approach to understanding, prioritising and tackling all aspects of potential carbon reduction and decarbonisation in the region.

Energy Saving Trust can provide Local Energy Planning Support that takes an overarching view of your region’s energy use across:

  • Domestic dwellings and energy usePlanning
  • Commercial, industrial and business use
  • Transport and air quality
  • Renewables
  • Energy generation/ storage and district heating
  • Council estate
  • Transport and public buildings procurement
  • Energy management

As well as providing environmental benefits, embarking on a carbon reduction programme through a Local Energy Plan can provide a wide range of additional benefits for the region.

A few of the economic benefits

  • The creation of low carbon jobs and businesses through the employment opportunities associated with energy efficiency, renewables and new technologies.
  • Financial savings for residents, businesses and the council.
  • New opportunities to maximise outputs from communityowned and locally produced energy.

Some of the social benefits

  • Building and retrofitting homes to make them energy efficient, affordable and comfortable.
  • Improving the wellbeing of residents including those living with energy vulnerability and homes in fuel poverty.
  • Provision of clean and sustainable travel through transport infrastructure and planning that reduces emissions and improves air quality.

Please complete the form below to view the steps Energy Saving Trust will take as part of a bespoke Local Energy Plan that can help your region combat the Climate Emergency.

  • Recognised as independent and trusted, we are experts across energy in domestic buildings, renewables, community energy, sustainable transport and communicating energy advice.
  • Support creating a comprehensive and integrated plan from concept to delivery.
  • The provision of additional capacity and upskilling, mobilising quickly to meet your timescales.
  • Service delivery by our experienced in-house teams ensuring a consistent and cohesive approach.
  • Access to our extensive range of innovative and practical tools and services to support the implementation of your plan.
We can help

Our Local Energy Plan will combine our industry leading knowledge with our expertise in operational activities. Contact us to find out more.