Cleaner Heat Cashback Scheme

Cleaner Heat Cashback - Stakeholder Information

What is the Cleaner Heat Cashback Scheme?

Cleaner Heat Cashback is a commercial boiler scrappage scheme, offering a financial incentive to small and medium sized businesses in London to replace their existing, inefficient boiler with a more efficient system helping to cut bills and reduce environmental impact. Businesses that qualify as an SME in London and with an older, inefficient heating system may be eligible for 30 to 40 per cent cashback when they replace it with a new, cleaner system. Find out more about the scheme here.

How can I get involved? 

Stakeholders including local authorities, business support networks, energy suppliers, manufacturers and installers of boilers and heating systems can help to promote the scheme to London SMEs. 

The scheme will mean millions of pounds' worth of additional work in the form of boiler replacements across the capital. Manufacturers and installers can use this opportunity to communicate to customers about relevant products and potentially increase sales. Local authorities and business support networks can help support the local economy and improve local air quality.

If you would like to support the promotion of the scheme, we have a stakeholder pack containing ready-made content and messaging that you can use across your channels, to communicate about the scheme and the support available to SMEs in your networks. 

If you have any queries about the scheme, please contact