Helping Southend-on-Sea Council improve residents’ health and wellbeing


Southend-on-Sea Council identified that the energy efficiency of housing stock was central to the wellbeing of its residents and the delivery of its economic development policies. The authority wanted to reduce the effects of fuel poverty, improve residents’ health and enforce private rented sector housing regulations.


Our comprehensive property database, Home Analytics, contains detailed data on each home in the UK drawn from multiple housing stock datasets. Our expert data analysts are able to cross-reference the data and gather insight on a local, regional or national level.


We applied a range of methodologies through Home Analytics to establish a detailed address level analysis of housing in the authority’s area. We integrated the council’s own data and applied a series of geo-spatial and statistical models to define or predict the characteristics of each home.


The data analysis enabled Southend-on-Sea Council to identify properties where residents are more likely to be at risk of fuel poverty or experiencing the impact of a cold or damp home on their health. Our comprehensive data and interactive map then enabled the council to target properties with specific interventions.

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