Energy Redress Scheme

Energy Saving Trust distributes payments to charities from energy companies who have breached rules.

Energy Saving Trust (EST) has been appointed by Ofgem to distribute payments from energy companies who may have breached rules. Registered charities can apply for funds to deliver energy related projects that meet the scheme priorities and benefit people in England Scotland and Wales. The funds can pay for anything from making homes more energy efficient, to providing advice that helps consumers keep on top of their bills.

Energy Saving Trust will be administering the scheme until 2022.

Scheme Priorities

Core priority: Supporting energy consumers

The Energy Redress scheme aims to:

  • Support energy consumers in vulnerable situations and;
  • Deliver benefits to the types of consumers that were negatively impacted by the specific issues that triggered the redress payment. 

In addition to this core priority, up to 15% of Energy Redress funds can support the development of: 

Innovative products and services related to energy 

Innovation projects must:

  • Have a realistic prospect of delivering benefits to existing and/or future energy consumers.
  • Help to reduce the environmental impact of energy use and be efficiently managed and provide good value for money.

Any additional priorities linked to a funding round will be made clear to applicants when the round opens.

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