British Gas

Helping British Gas to provide accurate and consistent advice


As such a large organisation with multiple customer touch points, British Gas was struggling to maintain the consistency and quality of its energy efficiency advice. Ensuring that a customer having a boiler serviced in Inverness was receiving the same advice as new energy customer in Cardiff or someone having a smart meter fitted in Dartford, was always going to be a challenge. British Gas needed one central source of energy advice with independently verified facts and figures that were always up to date and which could be used across the whole company.


British Gas has been a subscriber to our Infact service since 2014. The service blends ready-to-use energy saving facts, figures and advice with bespoke consultancy services.


As an Infact subscriber, British Gas receives a bulletin with our most up to date facts and figures which can be used across all internal and external communications. Through our consultancy support, British Gas asked our experts to create bespoke messages specific to their business, such as savings figures for new boilers in different house archetypes and appliance consumption figures for a social media campaign promoting smart meters.


Having one standard reference source of energy efficiency advice ensures consistency, quality and accuracy across the whole organisation. There is no longer a risk that consumers will receive different advice from different parts of the business. British Gas also has the additional benefit of having our experts on hand to create original content for specific campaigns as required.  

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