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Maximising consumer engagement through Big Energy Saving Week 2018 campaign


The UK government wanted to help vulnerable householders take control of their energy bills by encouraging them to switch supplies. Governement commissioned us to create and deliver a multi-channel campaign to target priority people through digital and traditional media. With 60% of householders believing they were already on the cheapest tariff - misconceptions when compared to market data - a compelling campaign was needed to get the message across to millions of energy customers.


We combined desk research with new consumer insights to help us understand exactly who our priority audiences were and their attitudes towards energy bills and suppliers. We researched people's commonly held misconceptions around the difficulty of switching energy suppliers and the perceived limited benefit in doing so. With detailed audience personas we were able to develop relevant content and messaging to target our desired audiences with: low-income households with children, renters struggling or unable to get on the property ladder, low income empty nesters and low income elderly people.  


We created engaging digital content including animations, competitions and myth-busting facts at our younger audiences across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Our 500 plus stakeholders across Great Britain supported #BESW2018 including social media influencers and consumer facing businesses, the Citizens Advice network, charities and local authorities, amplifying the campaign messages. We reached out to audiences whose preference remains traditional media securing blanket coverage across Great Britain with 250 news articles inclduing ITV, BBC and the key tabloids: The Sun, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail and Express. 


The Big Energy Saving Week campaign created a huge wave of interest in switching with more than 70 million opportunities-to-see campaign in the traditional media, 18 million impressions on Twitter resulting in the campaign trending, 23,000 people engaging directly with content, 30,000 people visiting Citizen's Advice's impartial switching tool and signifcant spikes in online search throughout the duration of the week. 

Over 660,000 customers switched electricity supplier in February - the highest number ever recorded. The represents a 60% increase compared with February 2017

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