Our clients & case studies

We support a wide range of organisations in their efforts to change the way consumers use energy.

We focus on four areas of sustainable energy

We have unique insight into the potential for different energy technologies across the UK’s 27m homes. Based on our insight into homes and consumers we play a key role in supporting national home energy programmes. And we remove barriers to the rapid update of new energy technologies - from smart meters to new insulation materials - with testing, research and communication programmes.

We help our clients understand how consumers interact with energy products and services. And as the UK’s leading energy advice organisation we understand how to change energy-related behaviours; from detailed in-home energy advice services for vulnerable customers, to mass awareness-raising campaigns delivered through multiple marketing channels.

We focus on sustainable road transport: personal and business travel and movement of freight.  With companies large and small, public and private sector, we work on the business case for low emission vehicles, cleaner driving and the new electric charging infrastructure.

Energy Saving Trust is at the centre of the move to a decentralised, decarbonised energy system. We provide powerful planning tools to enable cities to discover and shape their energy future. And we support the move to community led energy generation: working particularly with national governments we provide capacity building support for local energy projects covering project planning, financing, delivery and evaluation.